Combining a Certificate III in Visual Arts (Photography) and Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging (Year 1) with a Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging (Year 2)*, this program aims to give you the skills and knowledge to be able to start your career as a professional photographer.

Duration: 2 years (2nd year optional)
Delivery: Full time – 3 days per week in Geelong & Ballarat

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CUA31120 Certificate III in Visual Arts (Photography) & 
CUA41120 Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging

CUA50920 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging

Year 1

AIM: to ensure students have a firm grasp of the features and functions of their DSLR camera, be able to use post-production software and expand and explore their artistic style enabling them to create a diverse professional portfolio and exhibition pieces.

Key outcomes

Use the features and functions of your DSLR camera

Establish framing and composition techniques

Take part in indoor/outdoor shooting procedures, including the use of flash lighting

Use photo editing techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom

Capture a variety of images in different contexts

Take a photo from concept to completion

Develop a portfolio

Create final products to feature in exhibitions and other media

Upon completion of the first year, you should be operating at a professional level.  From this point, you should be ready to continue onto the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging in year 2 (optional).

Students that opt to only complete Year 1 will receive a CUA31120 certificate III in Visual Arts and a CUA41120 Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging if deemed competent.

Entry requirement
There are no prerequisite qualifications and entry into the course is through an interview.

Year 2

AIM: to prepare students for the real world of professional photography by continuing to explore and enhance existing knowledge and skills and partaking in real time industry experiences.

Key outcomes

Use traditional, modern and emergent technologies in the capture, preparation, and distribution of image products

Be able to interpret assignment briefs from a range of clients and apply in a practical environment

Consulting with clients to develop goals and objectives of photo imaging assignments

Select and use appropriate technologies and methods to capture images, including the type of camera, image recording media, lighting, processing, and outputs

Work in a range of locations, including studio and off-site assignments

Use aesthetic, conceptual, compositional and technical skills to achieve desired outcomes

Create photo images for a variety of formats including media, publication and for technical purposes

Work in interactive media and web environments

Use and applying advanced lighting techniques

Apply professional workflow and colour management

* Year 2 of the Professional Photography Program is optional. The initial commitment is 12 months with Year 2 requiring a re-interview to assess the student’s goals against course outcomes. 

Entry requirement
The entry requirements for the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging is having completed Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging

Students undertaking the Professional Photography Program are required to have access to:

Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR)
A colour printer
Computer with at least 8GB of RAM (Apple or PC) and internet
Adobe Photoshop software
Hard drive

Possible career or study outcomes:

Continue on to Bachelor level or further study
Professional photographer
Studio photographer
Freelance photographer
Online content provider
Media content provider (print and digital)
Photography assistant

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