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Welcome to our part-time courses. Oxygen College offers courses that run for 3 hours a week over 1 year. Presently, the part-time courses include Certificate III and Certificate IV.

Oxygen College is proud to offer courses from three campuses throughout Victoria:


If you have any further queries about which course is right for you, head over to the contact page or phone us directly on 1300 195 303. We also recommend heading over to our Facebook & Instagram page to keep up to date with Oxygen College.


Learn to use the features and functions of your DSLR camera to develop your photography to an intermediate level. This course is suitable for students who currently own a DSLR camera and have some existing experience using their camera to take photographs.


Explore a range of drawing, painting and printmaking techniques to produce works to your own finished artworks. During the course, you will develop and refine your artmaking techniques, experiment with new techniques and approaches to develop your own body of artwork.