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Please introduce yourself . . .

Hey there, my name is Kevin, I’m 25 and I live in Ballarat.


What led you to undertake the Oxygen College Diploma of Music Business course?

I’ve always had a passion for music, whether it was gigging, writing or playing. After working in Hospitality for 7 years, I had decided to chase my passion after I saw the posters for Oxygen College in Forte Magazine. After looking over the courses I decided the Music Business course would be the best way to figure out exactly what position I wanted in the music industry.


Music Business and event management are very unique areas of interest, how did your love for it come about?

Event management has always been a part of my work in hospitality, working in a bar with entertainment and live music requires all staff to have promotional skills. I even held a position as an artist booker for a venue, giving me my first foot in the door to the live music scene.


What are you involved in outside of the College in this area?

Currently I’m using the skills I’ve learned in artist management to manage my best friend’s band, who are recording their first EP now. I’m also using the event management component to book some local gigs later in the year for some original artists.


The field you are moving into is very dynamic and broad, is there a particular area you want to expand into? Management, events, publicity etc

Now that I have had a taste of many aspects of the industry I want to do a bit of everything. But I have been leaning more towards artist management lately. I’ve even applied for my first industry position at a record label.


The Diploma of Music Business class recently played a big role in a sold out show, can you tell us about it?

It was a highly anticipated gig and the local leg of a big tour for the band Residual’s single launch. Leading up to the night we were quite confident that we could break even with a decent number of punters attending, but we never considered selling out the show. It was a huge and very successful night with staff, bands and patrons going home very happy.


Geelong seems to be having a revival in the entertainment industry – are you excited about what the city might have to offer for yourself in the future?

I’m from Ballarat and I travel down to Geelong three days a week for this course. I couldn’t believe the difference between the two cities, Geelong’s live music culture is thriving and only getting bigger and better. I can definitely picture myself moving down to Geelong in the future if an opportunity arises. But I also to take back some culture to Ballarat and try to bring my hometown up to Geelong’s standards.


Have you enjoyed your time at Oxygen so far, do you feel it has helped you develop a network and the skills required to succeed in the industry?

One of the biggest ideas that has been pushed during this course has been networking. I’ve met big names in the industry who swear by it and I completely agree. I have created a huge network through this course including artists, managers, engineers, publishers, photographers, venue owners and the list goes on. I’ve also made plenty of new friends that I can’t wait to work with in the future.


We keep hearing this class of Music Business students are especially ‘switched on’, can you see yourself continuing to network with your class mates once the course is done?

Definitely, we all come from different backgrounds with different music tastes but our passion for music is what connects us. We are a random bunch but because of this we have a diverse range of ideas, and they work. I see all of us moving in to different areas of the industry but continuing to work with each other as the years roll on, or just catching up for a few cold ones at a gig.


Finish the paragraph, “ideally in terms of my career, in 10 years time, I’d like to be . . .

I’d like to be either running my own artist management business or working with a record label. I have already been given so many amazing opportunities through this course and I won’t take any of it for granted.