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Please introduce yourself

My name is Frankie Avalon Fonohema aka ‘Motivational Frank’


What led you to undertake the Oxygen College Diploma of Music Course?

I have a love for music and want to get involved in the industry in any way possible. My aim is to get out of my construction career, I have been doing that for the last 7 years.


Music Business and Event Management are very unique areas of interest, how did your love for it come about?

With music being a big passion in my life, I knew that music business would always be a safe career path to land in and continue to do something that I would love to do. If it’s going to be 9-5 I’m going do 9-5 on what I love!


What are you involved in outside of the College in this area?

Event Management, artist management, marketing & promotion, mentorship in making decisions in the music industry, career guidance…

I have done a lot of things outside of the College this year and it has guided me to focus on what I really want to do. After experimenting with the different areas of this course and towards the end I am really starting to find what I’m really good at. This music industry is vast and there are so many opportunities. When people say, “you can’t make money or there are no job opportunities in the music industry to get a job”, I laugh and say “keep laying bricks because this industry is not for you”.


The field you are moving into is very dynamic and broad, is there a particular area you want to expand into? Management, events, publicity etc?

I’m doing artist management at the moment but I am looking to expand into marketing and using what I have learnt about business outside of music.


The Diploma of Music class recently played a big role in a local sold out show, can you tell us about it?

http://bit.ly/ForteResidualTourAdvertisement….. see for yourself !


Geelong seems to be having a revival in entertainment industry, culture area – are you excited about what the city might have to offer for yourself in the future?

Yes of course, more live music, getting people out of their homes, more community based events where we come together as a town instead of everyone just trying to become the best by themselves and not help anyone. It’s bad for business! but it is what it is.


How have you enjoyed your time at Oxygen so far, do you feel it has helped you develop a network and the skills required to succeed in the industry?

Oxygen has been amazing, when you start pressing the right buttons the right things in your life start happening. Oxygen was the first right button in the last 24 years of my life (finally). Not only have I gained transferable knowledge in this industry that I can carry onto other businesses but the combination of the teachers at the school has been perfect for myself.


We keep hearing this class of Music Business students are especially ‘switched on’, can you see yourself continuing to network with your class mates once the course is done?

I could see myself working with nearly everyone in the class, we all have different passions and I am taking a different track to most, but in the future I know who to contact if I need a certain service done so it’s a great network to have.


Finish the paragraph, “ideally in terms of my career, in 10 years’ time, I’d like to be….

Id like to be a motivational Speaker with networks into the music industry as they’re both a big passion of mine and going back to the trade life is not an option.