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How long have you been at OC? 
I’ve been at Oxygen College (Geelong Campus) since we opened the doors in 2011. I started off working as the head of the Certificate II & III music programs for school aged kids until 2014 then transitioned to the full-time music course in 2014/15. I’ve been Head of Advanced Diploma of Music since 2016 

What do you currently teach? 
I am the Head of Advanced Diploma of Music course and specialise in composition, studio recording, stagecraft & performance, events, and music theory. I also develop students’ skills in copyright and public speaking.  

Proudest professional moment?
I’ve been lucky enough to play on some amazing stages in front of massive audiences, which in our current climate really feels like a gift. I’ve also been blessed to stand in front of some of Australia’s best musicians as their conductor in Musical Theatre. 

However, I am still proudest of helping young artists bring their music to life in the recording studio and on stage. There are so many young musicians with amazing stories to tell. It is a privilege to be able to help them translate those thoughts into something tangible that they can share with the world. 

Favourite genre?
No favourite. I love diving into whichever genre I’m working on. It may be Pop, Heavy Metal, Musical Theatre, Classical, Punk… every genre has amazing things to offer. And every genre has amazing exponents who we can learn from.  

Where did you grow up?
Geelong born and bred.  

What’s your coffee order?
Latte with 1. Roughly 5 a day.

If you could meet one famous person (alive or dec) who would it be? 
Robin Williams. That man narrated my childhood. And everyone needs to smile more.