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Local Pop/Hip Hop artist and Oxygen College student JORJA launched her debut self-titled EP at St James on Friday night. The performance also featured her friends, Isabella Khalife and Glass Wolves in what was an intense night of live performance.

The evening kicked off with a performance by Isabella Khalife, who had recently released her own debut EP. In a dark room, full of rowdy, drinking punters, her ability to walk on stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar and her trusted looper and immediately control the room displayed a performance maturity beyond her years.

Showing off her immense talent as a re-inventor of others work, her haunting version of ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ by Ed Sheeran with nothing but her own voice was a standout. Then, joined by her band, she walked the mesmerized audience through a set of her own material.

Next up was Glass Wolves who are relatively new to the live scene, you wouldn’t know it by the way they commanded the stage. The group is fronted by rapper and chief architect Kreo and it was refreshing to see a hip hop act with a live band for every used for each piece. A special mention goes out to female vocalist of the group Demi Valitutti, who demanded notice every time she opened her mouth. Fierce in her approach and unwavering in her delivery she anchored each song she was involved in. They may be new, but keep an eye out for these guys.

Then it was time for JORJA to take the stage and she kicked things off with her tune ‘Boss Ass Bitch’ with her trade mark sense of confidence, sexiness and femininity. Powerhouse vocals from the word go with a massive band in support; it was a pleasure for every sense.

Highlights were her single release ‘All to Myself’ and ode to RnB ‘Keep the Party Going’ delivered with dynamic vocals and rock solid precision. Lights, staging, dancers and a 6 piece band it was an incredibly professional show.

And when her audience demanded an encore, she invited Kreo back on stage and together they smashed out the opening track of her EP ‘For You’ for which Kreo was a guest artist.

If these are hands that Geelong is placing the future of its music in, it’s fair to say we can all rest a little easier.


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