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Meet Glen Smith, our Visual Art Department Manager and Trainer. Glen is best known for his love of abstract art, gentle nature and currently reps a cap – opposite to here where he is seen in a beanie.

Glen is loved by our students as he knows how to nurture talent and generate confidence in each students ways. We have asked Glen a few questions to help new and upcoming students get to know Glen a bit more:


How long have you been at OC?
I have been at OC for about seven years now. I started out as a part-time curriculum writer one day week back in 2014, and then it became my main day job in 2016 as an art trainer and in turn the department manager.  

What do you currently teach?
At present, I teach mainly in the full time Professional Artist Program in Geelong. I deliver General Drawing, Art Industry, Studio Practice and WHS. However, I also do coverage for trainers that are absent…so I get to be involved once or twice a year in most of our classes in Geelong.   

Favourite medium?
Paint would be my favourite medium to work with. It can be used in so many different ways from being thinned out to create drips, through to being applied in an impasto manner to create a range of interesting surface textures. It also can come in a spray can, which is great fun.   

Where did you grow up?
Born and bred in Gtown! I have also spent a few years living in Melbourne over years, but I always seem to end up landing back in Geelong West.  

 What’s your coffee order?
Generally I go for a flat white, but I am also partial to a chai latte in the colder weather. Geelong West Social Club is my go to while at OC, whilst Sunday @ Boom is my weekend local.  

If you could meet one famous person (alive or dec) who would it be?
Maybe Brett Whiteley. He was my artist hero growing up, was very much a deep thinker and he also knew how to party pretty hard.