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Musician Development Program

Course Overview

The ‘Musician Development Program’ is a two-year course (with an exit point after year 1) that delivers three qualifications: a CUA40920 Certificate IV (with a specialisation in sound production), a CUA50820 Diploma of Music (Performance) and an CUA60520 Advanced Diploma (Creation and Composition).

In the first year of the program we take emerging musicians and build a foundation to their existing performance technique. They will trial a variety of genres, have access to facility and mentoring and develop alongside other likeminded artists. In the second year, we continue that journey and in addition look to facilitate real industry outcomes along with ongoing coursework.

The course has been designed to turn individuals into the best musician they can be, whilst also providing opportunities for a variety of career paths within the music industry.


Geelong campus only


2 years, 3 days per week, 9am-4pm

Year 1

Year 2


Diploma of Music (Performance)


Advanced Diploma of Music
(Creative & Composition)


Certificate IV in Music (Sound Production)

At the end of year 1, a certificate for CUA50820 Diploma of Music (Performance) will be issued, if all units are deemed competent.

CUA40920 Certificate IV in Music is delivered across both years 1 and 2. The units delivered in year 2 are delivered on the same day to ensure students are able to complete the Certificate IV components if they don’t wish to go on to the Advanced Diploma.

* Year 2 of the Artist Development Program is optional. The initial commitment is 12 months with Year 2 requiring a re-interview to assess student’s goals against course outcomes.

CUA40920 Certificate IV in Music will be continued on from year 1 and delivered along side CUA60520 Advanced Diploma of Music.

Categories of Study

Within a state-of-the art facility, supported by a highly qualified training staff, each with industry backgrounds, students gain skills within a vast array of potential career pathways in the music industry, including performance, production, music business, composition and arranging, audio engineering and instrumental teaching. 

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  • Cover Bands
  • Original Bands
  • Public Gigs
  • Studio Tracking

Music Theory

  • Songwriting Techniques
  • Musical Literacy
  • Scoring
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  • Ableton Live
  • Pro Tools
  • Musescore
  • Audio Engineering
  • Auralia
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Music Business

  • Teaching Skills
  • Self-Management
  • Copyright
  • Digital Distribution

Student Profiles

Further Information

If you would like more information about our application process in detail, or if you have more questions about the course. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through email or directly through phone on 1300 195 303. Furthermore, we suggest heading over to the gallery and facility pages to get an idea of what Oxygen College has on offer and to see some work from past students. We also recommend heading over to our Facebook & Instagram page to keep up to date with Oxygen College.

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Photo of Riordan

What are you doing post study?

Over last year I formed alt-indie-rock band The King’s Poet with some of my classmates, which I am lead vocalist and manager of. This year we released our debut EP (recorded as part of the course) and have had incredible response from our supporters. I also perform original solo music as RIORDAN, and have just recently released a single to Spotify. After teaching and leadership skills learned during my study, I am now working as a singing teacher; also playing regular covers gigs around Geelong and surrounds as Ri Jane.


Student Profile

Describe yourself and your endeavor as a creative person?

I’m a Geelong based musician, songwriter, teacher - working within the music industry. My goal is to make a living by creating and sharing my art with people.

Why did you decide to study with Oxygen College?

I decided to study music at Oxygen College as I had reached a place in my journey where I was unsure where to go. It was clear to me that being a part of a course that would allow me to explore many different areas of the industry, and guide me through various creative processes, would further my growth. I had friends at the time who studied music at Oxygen College who spoke very positively of their overall experience.

Explain why Oxygen College was of benefit to you on your journey?

During my time studying I not only learned what I am capable of as a musician in my creativity, but also how to best work with others, communicating ideas with one another. The skills I have gained are invaluable to my journey within the music industry. A path I didn’t even consider before the course was teaching. But since studying about it, teaching is now something I find so rewarding and I am thrilled to be pursuing it this year.

Did being part of the Oxygen College community have benefits?

Absolutely! As a student, we had access to the amazing facilities and of course support from the wonderful trainers at the College, every step of the way. We also had so many incredible opportunities over the course that you just wouldn’t get anywhere else (performances, workshops etc), which has certainly contributed to my growth as an artist following graduation.

Anything you would like to add?

For any musicians looking to explore their creativity and grow, Oxygen College is definitely the place to be.

Information in this student profile is applicable to July 2023

Zac Krilcic playing drums

What are you doing post study?

I now work at Oxygen College as a Session Drummer working with the Diploma and Advanced Diploma students and assisting them on their journey. I am also a drum teacher on the other side of the building at Oxygen Music Lessons. In addition to that, I also play for many other bands outside of Oxygen College as well.

Information in this student profile is applicable to July 2023

Zach Krilcic

Student Profile

Describe yourself and your endeavor as a creative person?

I'm Zach Krilcic, 24 years old. I started playing drums when I was 10. My endeavor is to be able to make a difference, give ideas, opinions and options towards music and to encourage everyone to enjoy performing and having fun.

Why did you decide to study with Oxygen College?

I did some study in music in 2013/14, which was part of an after school program that ran once a week. I Then joined a band in 2016, which I was with for a couple of years. I learnt a lot from my band members and they helped build up my confidence. After a while, we decided to go our separate ways and I was left with no band. I knew Oxygen College was good, so I had a look at what they had because I was hoping to continue my drumming career.

Explain why Oxygen College was of benefit to you on your journey?

It helped to expose me to and understand other areas of the music world, what goes on behind the scenes, what kind of things are involved in making it as a musician, exploring different avenues and creating new connections.

Did being part of the Oxygen College community have benefits?

Yeah definitely, it opened up more opportunities for making connections with other musicians, sound and light people, photography/video people, journalists, venues and many more.