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From Geelong to Ballarat and Werribee!

Did you know we offer courses in Ballarat and Werribee? Oxygen College began back in 1986. Since then, we have grown our available courses and the number of campuses we offer.  If you are interested in photography, want to progress your painting skills or would like to break out into the music industry as a vocalist, Oxygen College delivers […]

Five Ways to Make a Living in the Arts

The arts is always admired for its creative abilities, and not the wages. While this may be true for many, there are ways to make a decent living while loving what you do.   1. Teach a class and share your knowledge Whatever your specialty, whether it’s photography, painting or something avant-garde, there’s always interest […]

Ballarat Visual Arts Exhibition

Last Friday evening saw another group of talented Ballarat students conclude their Certificate III in Visual Arts studies with an exhibition showcasing their chosen artworks. The 11 students lined the walls of our Ballarat campus with a range of works including colourful landscapes, intricate and creative portraits and bold still life images utilising a range […]

Five reasons social media is a great tool for creatives

Social media has come a long way from the meme-focused, cat video based site it started out as. Now it’s become a great business tool for creatives, companies and musicians with more than 50 million businesses utilising Facebook to connect with their fans and customers. If you haven’t got an Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, here […]

5 Ways to Make a Living From the Arts

Approaching Commercial Galleries This is the most obvious approach for artists wanting to make a living selling their artwork. Make sure you research the right galleries for your style. Knock on as many doors as you can until you eventually get a ‘yes’.   Workshops People love hands on experiences. Many galleries, councils, libraries and […]

5 Tips for the Perfect Art Folio

Culling – Start by choosing your best finished artworks that will demonstrate your style and skills. It is better to have five great works, than 20 works not showing your full potential.   Ideas & concepts – Bring in some developmental work or a visual diary to show your thought processes and planning for your […]

5 Things You Might Not Know About The Australian Arts Industry

Art exhibitions draw bigger crowds than Football games With around 11 million visitors a year, galleries are now more highly attended than Australia’s most popular spectator sport, Australian Rules Football, which had 10 million attendances as recorded by the ABS.   Spending on visual arts in Australia has increased 26% since 2004 Households spend more […]

Glen Smith

In 2017 Oxygen College will be offering a new course, a Diploma of Visual Arts. We had a chat with head trainer Glen Smith about what the course will offer, as well as giving him the chance to talk about his own art.   Thanks for taking the time to have a chat, please introduce […]