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Building Performance Skills with Christian Cavallo

Students worked with Christian to develop their performance skills

Building Performance Skills with Christian Cavallo When studying performance and music, there is nothing more enriching, confidence-boosting, and inspiring than working alongside experienced professionals. Recently, our ADP students had the privilege of performing for and working with the highly renowned director and performer Christian Cavallo. As a 2021 Green Room Award winner, Cavallo has directed multiple musicals including Kinky Boots, […]

Meet Glen Smith

Meet Glen Smith, our Visual Art Department Manager and Trainer. Glen is best known for his love of abstract art, gentle nature and currently reps a cap – opposite to here where he is seen in a beanie. Glen is loved by our students as he knows how to nurture talent and generate confidence in […]

Certificate IV in Visual Arts Exhibition | May 21

Certificate IV in Visual Arts Exhibition | May 2021 Many of us have creativity running through our veins. However, a lot of creatives find it hard to gather the confidence to put pen (or paint) to paper. Where to start? What mediums to use? Overwhelming comes to mind…   Oxygen College is the perfect place to […]

Steve Penman

Steven Penman is a successful graduate of Oxygen College. His works in Photography has gained him professional awards and accolades. He now is raising his business to a higher level and working towards a successful future in photography.

How to make a living as a young entrepreneur in the creative arts

How to make a living as a young entrepreneur in the creative arts   There’s a stigma that making a career as a freelancer in the arts can be a bone-breaking process. While this may be partially true, there is a shift for even businesses in the corporate space to utilise the talents of freelance […]

Oxygen Mock Wedding

Here’s a short video highlighting our full-time photographers shooting a mock wedding! Thank you to the makeup team for doing an awesome job, those that came out to the venue and helped, and all the models who braved the cold weather for our students!

Open Day 2018

Here’s a short video highlighting our Open Day. Thanks, everyone for coming out and looking forward to seeing all those who came out in 2019!  

Rach & Levi

Rach Brennan & Levi Anderson Music came in to share their knowledge with the Music Performance students here at Oxygen College. Here’s a quick video showing some of the highlights from their visit.

Tips on Promoting Your Music with Publicist Emily Cheung

The music industry is continuously evolving and each year there are new ways to get your music heard, book gigs and generally make money as a musician. As much as it is a creative passion, it is still a business and one that you have to continually promote, market and publicise. Having worked with the […]

How to Get a Job in the Creative Industries

It is often said that it’s difficult forging a career in the creative industry. This is true, in part. The flip side to the extra effort required to get work in the creative industry is you get to do something inspiring and that you enjoy for the rest of your working life. Today we are […]