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From Geelong to Ballarat and Werribee!

Did you know we offer courses in Ballarat and Werribee? Oxygen College began back in 1986. Since then, we have grown our available courses and the number of campuses we offer.  If you are interested in photography, want to progress your painting skills or would like to break out into the music industry as a vocalist, Oxygen College delivers […]

Steve penman – Interview

Since leaving Oxygen College last year Steve Penman has done very well in various photography competitions. We sat down with Steve, to chat about his recent success and to see what he has been up to with his Photography since finishing his course. Hey Steve, you have been a busy man since finishing with Oxygen […]

5 jobs you can get in photography

While photography work is often done on a freelance basis, there are actually other avenues for employment that are a little bit more substantial. Here are several options on what to do, once you’ve graduated from a photography degree. 1. Photojournalist Depending on what area you specialise in, this job can see you photographing politicians […]

Why interest in photography is on the rise

Of the marketing campaigns, social feeds, and websites you love there’s usually a common theme: great photography. With the rise of the gig economy (which simply means a move from the traditional economy to one that favours flexible and temporary jobs), small and large businesses alike are looking towards contract work with creatives rather than […]

Five reasons social media is a great tool for creatives

Social media has come a long way from the meme-focused, cat video based site it started out as. Now it’s become a great business tool for creatives, companies and musicians with more than 50 million businesses utilising Facebook to connect with their fans and customers. If you haven’t got an Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, here […]

A chat with ex student Gordon Traill

Hey Gordon, thanks for taking the time to have a quick catch up with us! Firstly, tell us a bit about the exciting opportunity you have had working on a project with Michael Madden… Hi Luke, about five years ago my wife told me that I needed to get a hobby after I had been […]

5 Career Options for Photographers in the Modern Economy

Now more than ever, consumers have come to expect images with the content they consume. We don’t just want to hear what happened the night before, we want to see it. The delivery of every post, news article, message, update and occasion needs to accompanied by an image. The traditional pathways for a career in […]

5 reasons to take up photography as your hobby

Everyone loves a good photo There is never a time you will hear someone say ‘I hate photos’. If you are looking for a hobby in your life then it is best you choose something embraced by all walks of life. When you choose photography as your passion, people will generally want to have a […]