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Did you know we offer courses in Ballarat and Werribee?

Oxygen College began back in 1986. Since then, we have grown our available courses and the number of campuses we offer If you are interested in photography, want to progress your painting skills or would like to break out into the music industry as a vocalist, Oxygen College delivers you the courses to be job ready or simply to improve as a hobbyist.  

Whether you are from the CBD, from Geelong or are regionally located, we want to ensure that creatives have the resources and abilities to boost skills and draw out their natural talents.  

We have thoughtfully expanded our campuses to Ballarat and Wyndham to ensure that regional Victoria can access what we offer.  

Sound equipmentGeelong remains the HQ of all thing’s music, digital content creation and sound production, plus photography and visual arts. We have a state-of-the-art, industry-level training environment here at the Geelong Campus. For the music enthusiasts in both performance and sound, we have multiple studios and Don’t Poke the Bear rehearsal suites just down the road to really maximize your learning abilities. We love pairing up with local businesses and events to give our students real-life experiences and skills. This aspect is also great for networking and inspiration. 

Did you know? We have art-specific spaces around Geelong West dedicated to our art students creative process. We also have an art gallery and extra photography studios!  

Ballarat is the second largest campus offering all things art and photography. We have some upcoming Ballarat-related news so watch this space…  

Wyndham is our newest addition to the Oxygen College campuses. Situated in the heart of Werribee, the complex is convenient for all, whether you uspersonal or public transport. We offer our part time art and photography classes here, at this point in time.  

We hope to see you at one of our campuses soon! 

Geelong: 22 Gordon Avenue, Geelong West
Ballarat: 328 Eureka Street, Ballarat East
Wyndham: 5 Wedge Street, South Werribee