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Building Performance Skills with Christian Cavallo

When studying performance and music, there is nothing more enriching, confidence-boosting, and inspiring than working alongside experienced professionals.

Recently, our ADP students had the privilege of performing for and working with the highly renowned director and performer Christian Cavallo.

Students worked with Christian to develop their performance skills

As a 2021 Green Room Award winner, Cavallo has directed multiple musicals including Kinky Boots, Heathers the Musical (GEA Award, Best Director), The Adams Family, Dreamgirls- the list goes on. Internationally, Christian has been a cast member of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan – He knows his stuff!

Our Head of Advanced Diploma of Music trainer, Phil Kearney, has worked alongside Christian on shows including Kinky Boots (2019) and Heathers (2017), and asked Christian to assist our students with their acting skills and embodying characters within their performances.

Students have been studying a selection of songs from the show ‘TOMMY’, by The Who, including ‘Amazing Journey’, ‘Christmas’, ‘Acid Queen’, ‘Go to the Mirror Boy’ and ‘I’m Free’ that incorporate some of the more unique characters from within the show.

Christian worked with each student by giving them one on one direction and awareness of their performance to incorporate into their final assessments.

Christian has been an amazing support and voice over the past few weeks delivering both positive feedback and constructive criticism. Christian noted how involved the students were in trying new techniques and their bravery in developing their characters.

Having an external presence throughout the study enabled the students to push themselves and come out of their shells. Students each have a unique identity as performers – many have established their own style and are emerging artists already partaking in gigs. Taking on a character on stage is an entirely different kettle of fish. It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience developing in this type of environment.

Most importantly, the students have had a great time with Christian, feeling safe and comfortable in the new, daunting role this project has allowed them to explore.

We would like to thank Christian for his time with the Oxygen College students and look forward to seeing him soon!

You can keep up to date with Christian via his instagram or facebook.