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Last Friday evening saw another group of talented Ballarat students conclude their Certificate III in Visual Arts studies with an exhibition showcasing their chosen artworks. The 11 students lined the walls of our Ballarat campus with a range of works including colourful landscapes, intricate and creative portraits and bold still life images utilising a range of techniques and mediums.

As the students and their guests arrived they nibbled on highly commended catering from Geelong company Dal and introduced their guests to each other.

Guests ranging from partners, to parents to friends were regularly being directed to stand back further in order to really take in the works or were pulled closer and peering carefully to gain insight into the techniques used.

Listening the students praise each other’s work was heart-warming and their discussions around the subject matter and techniques used proved they had gained a great deal of visual arts knowledge throughout the course.

The outpour of praise for trainer, Vikki Nash was a continuous theme throughout the night – their admiration and respect for her was truly evident.

Towards the end of the evening the room listened attentively as photography trainer and newly appointed head of the Ballarat  Campus, Travis Trewin, praised the students on their hard work and amazing exhibition pieces. He and Vikki then presented students with their qualification certificates and the students beamed as they walked back to their places and flashed it to their guests. Student Les beautifully followed  thanking Vikki for her support and teachings on behalf of the class.

A fantastic night was had by all that attended and the level of skills displayed was extremely impressive – a credit to the students and their trainer!