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Please introduce yourself?

I’m Jimi C. White, 25 years old, eccentric, eclectic, egotist.


How would you describe the genre of music you play?

I’m very influenced by blues, funk and jazz.I play a sort of Lofi jazz-hop style but try to not be confined by the limitations of genres.


Can you tell us about your musical journey to this point, when did you start performing etc?

I’ve grown up in a musical family and got my first guitar at around 10 years old, until recently I never had formal lessons and learned to play by jamming along to players like Hendrix and Santana. I’ve had a gigs with various bands I’ve been in over the years but am yet to feel as though I am a competent performer.


As an artist, what is your biggest strength? And what is something you need to improve?

I never run out of new ideas and artistic concepts. I strive to constantly innovate new sounds and complete moods or creating new atmospheres in my music. I definitely need to improve on my technical understanding of musical theory and structure.


Do you write your own music, tell us about your writing process? Where, when, with what?

I write instrumental pieces, I usually accidentally stumble upon something that sounds good in my playing on the guitar and from there develop it into a complete track. I like to have hip hop style beats and then will incorporate other instruments like keys. I also love to use loops and be able to play my own rhythm guitar. Everything for me builds off a feeling or vibe to complete the mood of a song.


Name one person in your life that shaped your musical interests and influences and describe how so?

Tommy Guerrero’s music opened my mind to the collaboration of acoustic chilled music to a funkier hip hop groove. The places his music goes and the huge amount of variation in his styles inspires me to not be boxed in and touch upon all genres to become a better, well rounded musician.


You can colab with one musician dead or alive, who is it?

Thelonious Monk, his innovation in terms of jazz piano and song writing is awe-inspiring.


Finish this paragraph ‘In an ideal world in 10 years I am……’

Able to have my passion as a career and be making the music that honesty expresses me as an artist.


Anything else?

I’d like a new guitar.


Jimi is a student in our Artist Development Program. If you are a musician and would like all the tools, teaching and mentoring to get the most out of your musicianship, enquire with the College today about our 2018 intake.


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