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Please introduce yourself

Harry, 19, Bass.


How would you describe the genre of music you play?

Currently I’m playing in a Hard/Stoner rock band, however I attempts write in genres like Jazz, Sludge Metal, Shoegaze, Post/Math Rock and Noise.


Can you tell us about your musical journey to this point, when did you start performing etc?

I learned guitar when I was 12 because I wanted be Kurt Cobain, but I made the mistake of learning how to properly play guitar, which meant that couldn’t sound like my hero. How sad. I started playing bass when I was 14 because my friends needed one for their band because no one else would, I quickly realised that bass is pretty much that best instrument and became obsessed.


As an artist, what is your biggest strength? And what is something you need to improve?

One my strengths being the weirdo who likes rhythmically and harmonically complex stuff. One way that I improve is to know when to not be a weirdo, I hear that can annoy people.


Do you write your own music, tell us about your writing process? Where, when, with what?

I usually write music around the limitation of an instrument or a certain technique on an instrument, either that or just end up making noise.


Name one person in your life that shaped your musical interests and influences and describe how so?

My Dad, he gave me my first guitar lesson, we talk about music all the time, and we’re basically the same person.


You can colab with one musician dead or alive, who is it?

GG Allin. Because why not.


Finish this paragraph ‘In an ideal world in 10 years I am……

Hopefully alive, still doing music.


Anything else?



Harry is a student in our Artist Development Program. If you are a musician and would like all the tools, teaching and mentoring to get the most out of your musicianship, enquire with the College today about our 2018 intake.

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