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Please introduce yourself?

I’m Chloe Miller and I’m from the small town of Winchelsea, Victoria. I’m a singer-song writer and accompany myself wile playing acoustic guitar.


How would you describe the genre of music you play?

I play a mix of genres between folk and acoustic pop along with starting to write more original music using programs such as Ableton to create backings for new tracks. I love turning typical pop songs into slowed down acoustic ballads and changing the tempos of popular songs creating a whole new vibe. The music I play also includes original compositions.


Can you tell us about your musical journey to this point, when did you start performing etc?

I’ve been singing since I could talk, taking singing lessons and jumping between school choirs and bands all throughout my youth. I was also playing local gigs across the surf coast and surroundings. My first actual performance was at the age of 7 at a singing recital where my love of singing to a captivated crowd really began.


As an artist, what is your biggest strength? And what is something you need to improve?

As an artist I’ve always been passionate and excelled in all things music orientated. Performing was always tough in the beginning before I really felt comfortable on stage which took a lot of practise and perseverance. I’d like to improve on my original music lyrically as I feel I have so much more to say inside songs but lack the words to describe it. My biggest strength would have to be the tone of voice. From a young age I was exposed to all different genres that I would replicate which helped me to practise all different kinds of licks and riffs in songs. I also learnt the difference between using my head and chest voice quite early on which gave me great control over my vocal cross over making it a lot easier to sing all different kinds of songs and genres.


Do you write your own music, tell us about your writing process? Where, when, with what?

I’ve been writing my own original material since I was 14 years old. My first piece ‘A Rose’s Touch’, I wrote in front of an old keyboard in my bedroom at a time in my life where I never thought I’d be able to come up with my own songs. Since then I’ve continued to write originals, where as now I accompany myself with an acoustic guitar. I stared to teach myself basic guitar almost three years ago now, that has helped me to perform and write original enormously and was a huge boost in my music pathway.


Name one person in your life that shaped your musical interests and influences and describe how so?

My mum, so cliché, however she was always so encouraging to me throughout my childhood. Mum was a huge part of getting to and from gigs, lessons, rehearsals for years and she really shaped the kind of musician I want to become. I want to keep my sound as live and real as possible while also exploring all genres of music to see what really suits me best in this industry.


You can collaborate with one musician alive or dead, who is it?

I would love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran because he’s had such an interesting tie to fame. As a song-writer I feel he would have incredible useful advice on ways to write songs. His lyrical angle in songs always impresses me after so many successful hits it would be interesting to hear how he puts all his ideas to work.


Finish this paragraph ‘In an ideal world in 10 years I am….

Hopefully going to be working inside the music industry. Wether it be performing, writing songs for other artists or managing/recording other acts. I want to end up working in the area of music I love most which I am yet to decide.


Chloe is a student in our Artist Development Program. If you are a musician and would like all the tools, teaching and mentoring to get the most out of your musicianship, enquire with the College today about our 2018 intake.