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Please introduce yourself?

My name is Amelia and I am a singer from Geelong.


How would you describe the genre of music you play?

I don’t have one set genre as of yet, however, I’m inspired by a range of different music, especially rock and some punk, which seems to work its way into my music.


Can you tell us about your musical journey to this point, when did you start performing etc?

I’ve been singing probably since I was eight years old, but have only performed a handful of times. I’ve been through a lot of different phases with my voice, and had a lot of issues with straining and trying to sound like different people, but am now finally developing my own voice.


As an artist, what is your biggest strength? And what is something you need to improve?

My biggest strength is my voice and lyric writing. Although, there’s still a lot of things that I don’t know how to do with my voice technique wise, which I definitely want to improve.


Do you write your own music, tell us about your writing process? Where, when, with what?

I’ve dabbled in writing my own music with guitar, but write mostly just lyrics. I don’t have a specific process, just a pen and paper and a bunch of ideas and experiences.


Name one person in your life that shaped your musical interests and influences and describe how so?

The band Hole shaped my musical interests quite a bit. Their first album “Pretty on the Inside”, opened me up tp these heavy, distorted and chaotic sounds that I’d never hear before. It created a really emotional connection to music with me and gave me a powerful outlet. They also inspired me to learn some guitar and also take my lyrics to a new level.


You can collaborate with one musician alive or dead, who is it?

Joan Jett. She’s a bloody game changing, feminist, bad arse legend.


Finish this paragraph ‘In an ideal world in 10 years I am….

Hopefully touring around Australia or other parts of the world, just making a living from music.


Amelia is a student in our Artist Development Program. If you are a musician and would like all the tools, teaching and mentoring to get the most out of your musicianship, enquire with the College today about our 2018 intake.