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Approaching Commercial Galleries

This is the most obvious approach for artists wanting to make a living selling their artwork. Make sure you research the right galleries for your style. Knock on as many doors as you can until you eventually get a ‘yes’.



People love hands on experiences. Many galleries, councils, libraries and community centres offer workshops. As an artist, your role is to come up with creative ideas for a workshop and then pitch it. If your workshop idea is interesting, people will want to participate and this can help in building your profile.



There is money out there just waiting for artists to apply for. Local councils, Creative Victoria, NAVA, Australia Council and philanthropy bodies are just some of the organisations that offer creative grants for artists. All you have to do is come up with an idea, try to link it to the community or create cultural relevance that makes the arts body want to support it.


Create an Online Presence

Creating an online profile is a great way for artists to develop and establish themselves. You may create an online shop selling your wares, raise your profile so galleries pay attention or even entirely represent yourself online. Self-representing artists an understanding of the online environment are beginning to be a sustainable option now.


Community Arts

Get involved in community art projects. This is one of the greatest ways for budding artists to start developing a track record of participation in arts events. Working as an arts worker helps you develop your skills in marketing, people management and logistics. All aspects that feed into the skills required to be a professional artist.