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Culling – Start by choosing your best finished artworks that will demonstrate your style and skills. It is better to have five great works, than 20 works not showing your full potential.


Ideas & concepts – Bring in some developmental work or a visual diary to show your thought processes and planning for your artwork. This helps give the interviewer an insight into the meaning of your works.


Diversity – Show diversity, bring in artworks that use different media and/or techniques. E.g. Paintings, drawings, prints etc.


Life drawing – If you have some life drawings, add them to your folio as this will help assess where your skills are at through drawing the human form. If not, don’t stress…it’s not expected that everybody will have done life drawing before.


Presentation – Present the artworks well. Make sure it is neat, tidy and in a folio. Remember this is a ‘visual’ arts course and good presentation can make an impact.