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Always have a decision maker

It would be great to have several band members wanting to take the reigns, however, it’s important for those self managed, that there is one ‘green light guy or girl’ controlling your band. This person needs to have the right temperament and should consult other band members regularly, after which time; they then need to make a strong decision. It is undesirable to have 4 band members each making moves and pulling the band in 4 separate directions.


Make sure you communicate properly

The way you communicate on behalf of your band is essential. You should have a professional email address (lose the @gmail.com), respond to calls and emails promptly (treat it like a job), make sure your emails are neat (you will be judged on this) and make sure you know how to reach the right person quickly (skip the enquiry@ email). As someone once said “the great leaders of our world were no smarter than you or I, they just knew how to talk about stuff good”, this profound statement rings true in music and entertainment.


Uphold a professional standard and style

Be consistent in the way you deliver your content to the world. Everything a band puts out to the world creates an overall image. It is essential that you get your gig posters, logos, videos, promos and social media posts looking great. People are watching and whilst your music is the most important thing to get right, if you present the other content in a shoddy fashion, there’s a chance the consumer might decide not to press play.


Mind the money

For most of us music isn’t about money, but it’s important that you don’t let promoters, tour managers, venue owners and other bands take advantage of you. Put a value on your service and make sure they pay what you are owed. By the same token, pay your own bills – you don’t want to become one of those bands with a reputation notorious for ripping people off.


You’ve got to have hustle

Even though most of us in music will have full time jobs, you have to do something every day to move your band forward. When self-managed – you need to be the publicist, the manager, the social media strategist, the psychologist, the mediator, the accountant and the receptionist all at once. There are 2 ways to the top, either by miraculous luck (which is 1 in a million) or by hustling every day with very little money, and unfortunately most of us will be taking the latter route.


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