Everyone loves a good photo

There is never a time you will hear someone say ‘I hate photos’. If you are looking for a hobby in your life then it is best you choose something embraced by all walks of life. When you choose photography as your passion, people will generally want to have a look and chat about what you are pursuing.


There are opportunities to work on your craft everywhere

Birthday parties, walks on the beach, your living room and family portraits – there are chances to improve your skills everyday. Photography can also be done in a non-disruptive way. Golf is great, but have you ever tried to pull your putter out and practice at a family function? It usually doesn’t work out well, your camera on the other hand won’t raise eyebrows.


It fills a need in your life

The moments you capture whilst pursuing your hobby will offer great fulfilment. Not only will you be challenging yourself – you will also have years of memories to look back on. People are paying thousands of dollars to have these special moments captured, all the while you are doing it for free and getting better at something at the same time!


Everyone can do it

We don’t mean to insult professional photographers, as photography is something that takes years to perfect. What we mean by ‘everyone can do it’ is – there a generally no physical barriers. We would all love to take up surfing at age 50 but the reality is, whilst not impossible, that it’s going to throw up some rather large barriers. With photography all you need is a reasonable set up and the world is at your finger tip.


It makes you appreciate the world

Photography is a hobby that will change the way you look at the world within weeks. Some people go about life with no feel or appreciation for their surroundings; however, photography will open your eyes to the unique beauty of the world.


If you agree that photography is the perfect hobby then why not enquire about Oxygen College’s photography courses. They run of a evening and are a great way to learn a new skill and meet like-minded people.