Oxygen College photography exhibition night 2016!

Oxygen College photography exhibition night 2016!

If you were to ask our current batch of photography students about Oxygen College they would have a bit to say. They will tell you about the knowledge and skills that they have developed, the friendships and community that they have built, the dedication of the staff and the confidence they have gained in their photography.


However, mere words alone could never describe the excitement and pride on their faces as they enthusiastically displayed their emerging skill set to family, friends and complete strangers at the Oxygen College Photography Exhibition on Friday night.


The range of photography was impressive with landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, portraits, concepts, street/urban, composites, animals, sports, flora and fauna, and so much more filling the Oxygen Gallery space on Gordon Ave.


Students explained their use of techniques such as long exposure, depth of field, focal length, lighting, Photoshop, – with a confidence and knowledge that they would never have thought possible months earlier at the beginning of their course.


Trainers also stood by with a sense of parental pride as their charges treated the packed crowd to a visual feast of photographic artistry.


It is a wondrous thing to be in the position to impart knowledge and skills to enthusiastic students who just want to learn and grow and develop into the best they can be.


During the exhibition the graduating students were presented with their Certificates which rubber stamped a great year in the College photography department.


As the year draws to a close, the students returning next year expressed their hopes and impatience to “get back into it”, and begrudged the weeks they will have to wait.


What would make you want to do a photography course at Oxygen College? Why not come and find out for yourself? Oxygen will be offering both full and part time photography courses next year – so enquire today.

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